Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pictures from Brueghel

Okay, so William Carlos Williams had this awesome inspiration from looking at the paintings of a Dutch painter named Brueghel. I was inspired by his poetry and by Brueghel at a recent exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum, so I am posting the paintings along with the poems for your viewing and reading pleasure.
Starting tomorrow because right now my rice is burning and I have sushi to make.


Edward Alleyn said...

Pieter Brueghel theleder (ca. 1528-1569) was Flemish or Netherlandish, but not Dutch.

Nick Whittle said...

Tasha - this is a real treat; thanks for sharing this. I love Brueghel's work. The poetry fits perfectly. There is something abou the paintings that is intangibly gorgeous! Thanks x

xxx said...
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xxx said...

I ponder whether WCW inadvertently or deliberately may have been inspired by the red in Brueghel's art early in his life, or saw the technique of B's spare highlighting with red later on and happily noticed a kindred spirit in regards to "The Red Wheelbarrow." B's "The Parable of the Blind" has no red! Maybe to Brueghel, red is seeing, and no red is the absence of sight?? - (“The Hunters in the Snow" has no red) - it's a generalization. Knowing that WCW wrote the Brueghel poems later, it is easy to conclude that Brueghel's reds simply heightened his excitement about art and poetry being synchronistic and speaking to one another